Supply of  electricity & natural gas Supply of  electricity & natural gas

Supply of electricity & natural gas

Sustainable energy for the entrepreneurs of the future


A suitable product for every company


At Eneco, you can choose electricity and natural gas at an advantageous rate. Choose the product type that fits best the needs of your company. Are you having difficulty choosing? Have a look at our customised offers.

Eneco FlexTake advantage of possible price reductions

  • Always in line with the market prices
  • According to your consumption profile
  • Independent of one purchase moment
  • Transparent invoices

Eneco ClickDefine your own buying strategy

  • Control over the most interesting purchase moments
  • Less risk by spreading energy purchases
  • Framework contract with clear rules
  • Well-organised thanks to your online portfolio manager

Eneco FixProtect your company against possible price increases

  • Benefit from a fixed energy price
  • Determine the duration of the contract yourself
  • According to company and consumption profile
  • Easy estimation of energy costs

Eneco ExpertFor a clear, diversified purchase strategy

  • Determine the ratio between clicked and variable energy prices yourself
  • Less risk by spreading energy purchases and sales
  • According to company and consumption profile
  • Can be managed online with the Eneco Portfolio Manager and Energy Square

With green energy, we can ensure together that your company is taking a sustainable lead today. More information

Injection rate

Does your company generate green energy with solar panels, a CHP installation or maybe even with its own wind mill? For installations with a capacity factor of over 10 kVA, you must enter into an injection contract in order to transfer your generated electricity to the grid.

With our injection rate formulas, you will make money off that energy. On top of that, we will take care of all paperwork and invoicing.

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Our customised offer

  • Product advice for your electricity & gas supply
  • Solutions for your solar and wind energy
  • Make your car pool more sustainable by charging electrically


Customised offer