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Solar energy

Get more from the sun for the best returns.

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Reduce your energy costs sustainably

Running a company on solar energy is sustainable with clean and locally generated energy. What makes it even more interesting? We ensure that you will be completely carefree. We take care of the financing, installation and maintenance. That’s part of why we are the largest solar energy producer in Belgium.

Choose solar energy

  • No need to invest in solar panels yourself
  • Get locally generated energy
  • Optimal installation and maintenance guaranteed
  • Choose your own settlement formula for your consumption
  • Allow your employees to participate through crowdfunding
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We maintain your solar PV installation

We will take care of the maintenance and follow up for your solar panels. How? Thanks to our Monitoring Center and qualified technicians that are stationed all over the country. They perform preventive checks and visual inspections. Even with drones. And we even take care of cleaning.

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Your company generates green energy through solar panels, a CHP installation or maybe even with your own wind mill? For installations with a capacity factor of over 10 kVA, you must enter into an injection contract in order to transfer your generated electricity to the grid.

With our injection rates, you will make money off that energy. On top of that, we will take care of all paperwork and invoicing.

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3.5 MWp

PIVA Oudenaarde

190 kWp

Audi Brussels

3,6 MWp

Straatsburgdok I

3,6 MWp