Realise your sustainable investment through crowdlending

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Realise your sustainable investment through crowdlending - Eneco Belgium

Is your company planning to invest in a sustainable energy project? By crowdlending with the public, you can realise this growth ambition. Read how to start.

More about crowdlending

With crowdlending you borrow money from the public:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Local residents
  • Suppliers

They give you a private or subordinated loan, and they enjoy a fixed return.

Your growth ambitions realised with full control

Are you planning an investment in a sustainable energy project? Through crowdlending you can realise this growth ambition. Below you will find the minimum requirements:

  • Active: at least three years.
  • Annual turnover: minimum 500.000 euro.
  • Financial status: healthy.
  • Location: Belgium.
  • Total financing requirement: minimum 200.000 euro.

Why crowdlending could be interesting for you too

Crowdlending is the fastest way to raise money from citizens for your sustainable investment.  There are more advantages, however.

  • Leverage effect
    Increase your return on equity. This is achieved by the leverage effect of a subordinated loan.
  • Additional funding
    Raise additional capital that you do not have to make available yourself.
  • More employee engagement
    Increase the satisfaction and involvement of your employees by letting them contribute directly to your wonderful sustainable project.
  • Larger support
    Involve your local residents strategically in the realisation of your sustainable investment and increase public support.
  • Strict marketing
    Position your company as a pioneer in the transition to a sustainable economy and as an innovative player.

Ecco Nova as an accredited companion

Ecco Nova is an intermediary between your company and the investors. Their task:

  • Analyse and select the companies interested in crowdlending.
  • Structuring the financing.
  • Communicating via the crowdlending platform approved by the FSMA.
  • Drafting of contracts.
  • Monitoring of repayments.

Ecco Nova offers guidance to the borrower and the investor all the way and in every way

Three crowdlending formulas for your sustainable investment

Crowdlending progress via a platform. Obviously, this should look attractive. Just as it should be safe and reliable. And the fun part is: no cure, no pay. If you do not raise capital with the platform, you do not have to pay anything.

If you do collect the total financing amount, you pay a success fee. This depends on your financing needs and your marketing objectives. You can choose from three formulas.

MARKETING PACKAGE Boost Spotlight Fuse
Project description on platform (NL/FR)
Launch campaign and communication in the Ecco Nova community -
Set up e-mailing to target group B2B customers -
Communicate about the campaign (via social media) -
Answer questions of potential investors
Draw up and send out press release - -
Organisation information session for target group B2B customers - -
Recording promo video project - -

Present your project

If you have a sustainable investment project and crowdlending seems interesting for you, we’d love to hear from you!


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Analysis of your project

Ecco Nova analyses your investment project. If the project has been accepted, the preparation of the campaign can begin. Allow one to two weeks for validation.


Campaign launch

You distribute your campaign through your channels, the media receives a press release, Ecco Nova investors receive a notification, the first debt securities are issued. Allow four to eight weeks.


Refund investors

If the investment amount has been raised, Ecco Nova takes care of the correct payment to the investors at the set times of payment. You don't have to do anything. Ecco Nova also answers any questions you might have.

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