Charging electrically Charging electrically

Charging electrically

Carefree and 100% green charging

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Electric charging for businesses

The charging solutions of Eneco eMobility services ensure that you can always charge your electric car quickly, easily and safely. Using Eneco’s 100% green electricity, you will drive in a truly CO2-neutral and sustainable manner.

Business Charging Point

Give your employees and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric cars quickly, simply and sustainably. With our charging stations in your company car park, you will be doing business in a visibly sustainable manner. And your employees and visitors will drive 100% green electric cars. Choose our complete solution with the total package of Eneco eMobility services:

  • Installation, management and maintenance of the charging points
  • Electric charging with 100% green electricity
  • Insights into charging data
  • Automatically settles the charging costs with employees or visitors
  • 24/7 helpdesk
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Charging at home

With a charging point at home, you can fully charge the battery of your electric or plug-in hybrid car overnight or during the weekend. Enjoy the benefits of total care at home too, thanks to an Eneco eMobility services charging point. We can automatically settle the charging costs with your company or leasing company.

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Quick charger

A quick charger is ideal for charging customers and employees quickly for their next trip. The Delta DC Wallbox is a very compact 25 kW quick charger. This quick charger can be efficiently combined with regular charging points. We will support your company with tailored advice and specific solutions to enable your electric drivers to drive from A to B carefree.

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Eneco SmartCable

Do you or your employees drive plug-in hybrid cars and are you looking for a suitable charging solution? With the Eneco SmartCable, you are assured of 100% convenience when it comes to charging your plug-in hybrid vehicle. We also offer the option of automatically settling the charged electricity with your company or leasing company.

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Eneco Charging Pass

You don't have your own charging point, but you still want to travel in a sustainable way? This is possible with the Eneco Charging Pass! The pass allows you to always charge with 100% green electricity at all public charging points in Belgium and the Netherlands, and at more than 120,000 charging points in Europe. Easy, carefree and sustainable all in one. Other advantages:

  • Always charge at a fixed rate
  • All transactions on one invoice
  • 24/7 support via our helpdesk
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An Eneco Charging Pass is available from as little as 3 euros per month. We apply transparent charging rates: you pay one rate for charging at an Eneco charging point and one rate for charging at a non-Eneco charging point. Please find the exact rates below.

Excluding VAT

Including VAT

Subscription charging pass

€ 2,48/month

€ 3/month

Charging at an Eneco charging point

€ 0,28/kWh

€ 0,3388/kWh

Charging at a non-Eneco charging point

Rate third party*

Rate third party*

*Every charge at a third party charging point is invoiced to the customer by Eneco at the rate used by this third party. Charges are invoiced post-paid by Eneco.


Many companies have already gone before you. Contact us for non-binding advice from our mobility experts.

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Frequently asked questions


Everything about the operation of charging stations and much more.

More questions & answers here.


This depends on two things: the size of the battery pack and the charging technique. Fully charging a typical electric car (battery pack of 25 kWh) with a Standard Charge charging point will take approximately 8 hours. With a Fast Charge charging point, the job will be done in roughly 1 hour. How long it takes to fully charge plug-in hybrid vehicles depends on the size of the battery.

Send us your information with the application form. We will contact you as soon as possible for a customised proposal. You can have a standard charging point at home for € 1,500, including installation (excl. VAT).

With a charging pass from Eneco, you can charge at all (semi) public charging points where we have a roaming agreement with the operator. In some cases, you can also use the charging pass at private loading points. You can find a good overview of all (public) charging points in the Benelux and France on Or download the free app ‘Oplaadpalen' (for iPhone and Android).