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Charging electrically

Carefree and 100% green charging.

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Driving electrically for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur, you look to the future and you like to take the lead. Right now, electric mobility is already an obvious choice for you. With the charging solutions from Eneco Mobility Services, you can always quickly, easily and safely charge your electric car. And all that with 100% green energy from Eneco. That’s how you really drive CO2-neutral and sustainable.

Eneco Business Charging Point

When you drive electric, you want to charge your vehicle when it’s parked for a long time. That also means in the parking lot of your company. Both you and your clients will be able to charge carefree, because Eneco Mobility Services offers you a comprehensive package:

  • Installation, management and maintenance
  • Charge with 100% green electricity
  • Insight in the charging data
  • Automatic settlement of the charging costs with your employees/visitors
  • 24/7 help desk
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Charging at home

With a home charging point, you can fully charge your electric or plug-in hybrid car at night or during the weekend. With a home charging point from Eneco Mobility Services you will be completely carefree. We will automatically settle the charging costs with your company or the leasing company.

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Charging at a fast pace

Don’t have a lot of time to charge your car? With our quick charger, you can charge your car at a fast pace. More specifically, in less than thirty minutes. And it’s also very easy. Other advantages:

  • Robust certified charger
  • High yield energy conversion
  • Large LCD screen
  • Card reader with user authentication
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Eneco SmartCable

Do you or your employees drive plug-in hybrid vehicles, among other things, and are you looking for a suitable charging solution? With the Eneco SmartCable, you easily register the energy your charged at home. We will settle this directly with your company or the leasing company. 

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Eneco Charging Pass

With the Eneco Charging Pass, you can charge 100% green energy at all public charging points in the Benelux. You can also count on 24/7 support through our help desk. That way, you’ll always sustainable on the road.

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Frequently asked questions


Everything about the operation of charging stations and much more.

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This depends on two things: the size of the battery pack and the charging technique. Fully charging a typical electric car (battery pack of 25 kWh) with a Standard Charge charging point will take approximately 8 hours. With a Fast Charge charging point, the job will be done in roughly 1 hour. How long it takes to fully charge plug-in hybrid vehicles depends on the size of the battery.

Send us your information with the application form. We will contact you as soon as possible for a customised proposal. You can have a standard charging point at home for € 1,500, including installation (excl. VAT).

With a charging pass from Eneco, you can charge at all (semi) public charging points where we have a roaming agreement with the operator. In some cases, you can also use the charging pass at private loading points. You can find a good overview of all (public) charging points in the Benelux and France on Or download the free app ‘Oplaadpalen' (for iPhone and Android).