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Sustainable energy for entrepreneurs of the future

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Supply of electricity and natural gas

Which energy source does your company need? Have a look at our offer and choose from our electricity and gas products.

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Green energy


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Charging electrically

Charge carefree and 100% green. Eneco E-Mobility Services offers you a comprehensive solution for charging electrically.

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Solar energy

Are you looking for a competent and trustworthy partner for your solar energy installation? Eneco Solar will take away all your concerns and worries. From the investment to the installation, maintenance and management.

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Wind energy

The wind is almost always available and inexhaustible, which makes it a perfect source of sustainable energy. Eneco likes to help entrepreneurs to do business on wind energy. More and more companies run on 100% clean energy from the Belgian wind parks. That way, we can bring our emissions down together. What is your company waiting for?

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Energy services

Follow up, visualise and compare. Install price alerts. Stay informed. This is all possible with our Energy services. This way, you will be in control of your energy consumption and costs.

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Eight tips to buy energy the smart way


Our effort is rewarded.

Awarded by Greenpeace with 16/20 as a sustainable energy supplier!

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