Frequently Asked Questions

How are my advances calculated?

When you become an Eneco client, we don’t know yet your actual consumption data, hence we have to rely on the contracted volumes for the calculation of your advance amount. This contracted volume can be found in your delivery agreement.

If you were already an Eneco client, we will naturally calculate your new advance amount based on your actual consumption.
First and foremost, we make a prediction of your energy consumption until the expected next meter reading based on your contracted/actual consumption. Then, we multiply this consumption by:

  • your energy cost per megawatt hour
  • the estimated transport and distribution costs
  • the taxes, levies, and surcharges that apply to the delivery point.

That calculation results in the prediction of the total cost of your energy consumption during the next consumption period. Finally, this total cost is divided by the number of months until your next meter reading. This is how your advance amount is defined.