Your partner in more than sustainable energy Your partner in more than sustainable energy

Your partner in more than sustainable energy

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You might have realised it too. We have to take extremely good care of our planet. Thanks to technological progress, your company can contribute to that. A mission for which we can support you.


Electricity and natural gas

Your company will choose a solution that is as green as possible for a competitive price. Together with your regular contact person, we will work towards a sustainable head start.

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Step in the world of electric vehicles. With Eneco’s professional charging solutions, you choose for charging quickly, easily and safely. At home, at work and on the road.

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Solar panels

Solar panels make your company visibly more sustainable, and your energy bills will be lower. Easily accessible and fast. With third-party financing, you do not have to bear the investment yourself.

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Greenpeace gives Eneco an 18/20

Greenpeace honoured us with the highest award for our Belgian strategy. A score that blew our minds. Eneco has been investing in 100% green and Belgian energy for years. With our 18/20, we leave all other major energy suppliers far behind. That makes us very proud and strengthens our ambition to be climate neutral by 2035 even more.

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On the road to climate neutrality in 2035

Eneco wants to accelerate the energy transition. This is desperately needed, because global warming is happening faster than expected. We feel it is our responsibility to be a leader in this field. Our ambition is to become climate neutral in 2035. Climate neutral in our own activities and in the energy we supply to our customers. We believe it is necessary and we believe it can be done. Together with our customers like you, our partners, suppliers, policymakers and other stakeholders, we can succeed in reducing all our CO2 emissions to zero. How we will do this is described in our One Planet plan with concrete actions, clear investment choices and measurable targets.

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Sustainable energy from everyone

From individuals, but also from companies. A dream that is closer than you’d think thanks to green energy and smart innovations. Are you an entrepreneur who wants to speed up the energy transition? Then, we will give you loads of inspiration and concrete tips.


Making your company sustainable is one thing. But how do you pass that on to your clients and stakeholders in a credible and inviting way? Discover our concrete tips.

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Mars isn’t just one of the largest food companies in the world, it’s also one of the most progressive ones. In terms of sustainability, the company has been pursuing a clear course for years. The green investments definitely don’t lie: Mars resolutely chooses green energy. With Eneco as their partner.

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The fact that driving electric vehicles is on the rise, especially among companies, shouldn’t be surprising. Apart from the lower ecological footprint, there are 6 other good reasons to make the switch to an electric vehicle fleet.

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